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An Old Rivalry with New Twists

Babe Ruth was undoubtedly one of the most famous New York Yankees in history. But he was born in Baltimore. In 1903 the Highlanders from New York became the world famous Yankees. But the Highlanders were first known as the Orioles from Baltimore.

In 1995 some justice surfaced when beloved Oriole Cal Ripken Jr. passed the famed Yankee, Lou Gehrig, for the record of “Most Consecutive Games Played.” Then in 2012, Yankee Derek Jeter tossed it back in the faces of the birds by passing Ripken at the top on the “All Time Hits” list. Back and forth the contests continued. Often the Yankees ran away with the beloved championship title.

But today - -- not so! Look who tops the AL East standings. Watch the rivalry run neck and neck. Each time the rivals met this year it was a great battle for Baltimore… May - - won two, lost one. June - - won two, lost one. July - - - won two, lost one. . . . September 12 -14 Camden Yards will once again turn into a black and orange sea amongst islands of navy blue, gray and white pinstripes.

The rivalry lover in you might just find it fun to dress to honor your favorite team and book a room in the Inner Harbor. It is fun to strut those colors down the street before (and hopefully after) the game billboarding your loyalty and pride.

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