Harbor Magic Holidays


Baltimore, Maryland has a lot to offer during the holiday season for every member of the family. From the waterfront to the downtown area, there are plenty of holiday activities that will keep everyone entertained. When it comes to the Baltimore hotels holidays travelers need, the best choice is one of the three Harbor Magic hotels.The Harbor Magic hotels put you right in the middle of family holiday fun and the Harbor Magic employees know how to turn their hotels into winter wonderlands of their own.

It's A Waterfront Life

When the entire Baltimore waterfront gets together to celebrate the holidays, something magical is going to happen. The "It's A Waterfront Life" event starts in mid-November and runs right through holidays. It is an event that features a wide variety of family events at such waterfront organizations as the Maryland Science Center, the National Aquarium and the Top Of The World Observation Level. There are special holiday presentations that go on all day long throughout the holidays.

Santa's Place

Harbor Magic hotels are more than just the Baltimore hotels holidays travelers are looking for, they also put you in the middle of all of the Baltimore holiday action. From November 21 to Christmas Eve, Santa's Place is open for kids and parents alike. Located in the Harbor Place Amphitheater on the waterfront, this is a place that is decorated like a child's Christmas dream. Kids can meet Santa and get their pictures taken as mementos of their holiday vacation.

Miracle On 34th Street

The winter holidays would not be complete without a comprehensive lighting display, and 34th Street in Baltimore has your family holiday fun covered. Baltimore's 34th Street is decorated with a wide variety of lights and unique holiday displays that will be something that you and the family will want to see over and over again.

Old Tyme Christmas

When you stay in the Baltimore hotels holidays travelers recommend more than any others, you are going to have access to a wide variety of family holiday fun. The Fells Point area of Baltimore is prepared to host its annual Old Tyme Christmas event and it is something the whole family will remember. It takes place on December 6, 2014 and includes horse-drawn carriage rides, the holiday market and breakfast with Santa.

West Shore Park Christmas Village

One of the best ways to enjoy the winter holidays in Baltimore is to get to West Shore Park and stroll through their annual Christmas village. This is an event that features food, gift ideas and Christmas customs from around the world. It starts on November 17, 2014 and runs through to December 28, 2014. It is an international Christmas celebration that the whole family will enjoy.

Window Wonderland

A stay at the Baltimore hotels holidays travelers prefer would not be complete without a visit to the Harbor East area to enjoy the many old-fashioned Christmas window decorations. This area already offers people from around the world a chance to enjoy some great holiday shopping, but that is all enhanced when the restaurants and stores in the area go all out to decorate their front display windows with Christmas themes. The decorations are revealed on November 19, 2014 and they stay up right through until New Year's Day 2015.

The Polar Express 4-D Experience

The Baltimore National Aquarium puts its incredible movie theater to good use to create an experience the whole family will love. The event starts in early November and runs through the holidays and must be made a part of every family's holiday fun in Baltimore. The event features the movie "The Polar Express" shown in brilliant 3-D, and then the Baltimore National Aquarium adds a fourth dimension with its own set of multi-sensory effects that will make the movie feel like it is really happening.

The Harbor Magic Hotels are located right in the middle of all of the holiday action that takes place in and around the city of Baltimore. When you want to find the Baltimore hotels holidays travelers from around the world prefer, then you want to check into one of the three Harbor Magic hotels. If you want to give your winter holidays a touch your family will never forget and turn your holiday family fun up to an amazing level, then make your reservations at a Harbor Magic hotel today.