Haunted Hotel?


The Admiral fell Inn was highlighted in the Hotel Interactive article, “Haunted Hotels! Ghosts, ghouls, and zombies are in fashion this season written by Steve Rice October 20, 2014.

In the historic Baltimore neighborhood of Fell’s Point, the Admiral Fell Inn has recorded a plethora ghostly sightings over the years. Dating back to 1730, the Admiral Fell Inn in the late 18th century served as a boarding house for sailors who acquired whooping cough while at sea. Nurses who treated he sailors also contracted the illness. Not wanting to infect the outside population, many of the nurses stayed in the boarding house and died along with their patients.

Ghosts of nurses that guests – primarily single men - of the Admiral Fell Inn have reported seeing in the guestrooms. Among them is hotel General Manager Mario Corrado Jr.,who stayed in the hotel shortly after taking the job less than two years ago.

Corrado recalled the night he woke up and felt a presence in his room. “I knew for a fact that if I opened eyes there was something over my bed,’ Corrado said. “Then I felt an electricity go through me and it went away.’’

Many guests not familiar with the Admiral Fell Inn’s history, Corrado said, tell a similar story. “People say it’s one of the most humbling moments they’ve ever had,’’ Corrado said. “They don’t feel scared. Most of them say they feel a sense of warmth and comfort.’’

The Admiral Fell Inn has a ghost walk tour of the neighborhood four nights per week and also employs a costumed historian who provides tours of the property, but Corrado said, “We market ourselves as a boutique hotel.’’ “We never say we’re a ‘haunted’ hotel. Whether others say it or not, that’s up to them. We don’t want to scare people out the door.’’

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