Visiting Fell's Point


Fell's Point, Maryland is a center of history, development, culture, and modern adventure. Visitors come to enjoy a look into the past and discover the tribulations and events that turned the town into the booming attraction that it is today. Read below and discover all that Fell's Point has to offer, as well as the most charming hotels in Fell's Point.

About Fell's Point

Fell's Points was founded in 1763 and has come an incredibly long way since then. Fell's Point was incorporated into the city of Baltimore in 1773, sharing with it a vast array of life and community. Fell's Point is filled with charming architecture, boutique shops and hotels, cobblestone streets, iron fences, and everything to make the thriving Baltimore village feel like a small, cozy town. Visitors can walk along the sidewalks and enjoy many performances by the town’s living history actors who are knowledgeable about the town and people from centuries ago. Children will love the authentic costumes and characters.

For a more paranormal experience, the village offers a ghost walk of some of the most sinister events and lost souls who have been rumored to walk the streets at night. The living history even offers season alterations, including the Old Tyme Christmas Festival. Holidays are more special when you can celebrate them like they did in the 18th century! Egg nog competitions and craftsmen bring a delight to guests.

Fell's Point, Baltimore Hotels

When staying in or near the historic Fells Point, it won’t do to just stay in any old chain hotel with matching floral comforters and rooms with no personality, make the visit something to remember and stay in a unique, stylish, and cozy Fell's Point Hotel.

The Admiral Fell Inn is a gorgeous boutique hotel that treats guests to nautical surroundings and a new level of comfort. The British nautical roots are apparent in the décor and atmosphere of each room in the hotel. Rooms range from large rooms with cathedral ceilings, to quaint rooms with touches of beautiful artifacts and architecture of the past.

The Inn at Henderson’s Wharf is a taste of high-end lodging that can’t be found anywhere else. Views of the water and gardens are a pleasure to see. The lobby is decked out with pristine oriental rugs, gleaming hardwood floors, and plush furniture. All this, plus the personalized butler service that every guest receives, has earned this Inn the #1 choice in Baltimore according to TripAdvisor.

With these authentic Fell’s Point lodging options, guests are sure to experience Fell’s Point as it is meant to be experienced.